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Custom Home Design
Architectural Consultation

A custom home is a reflection of that family. It will be my pleasure to express your family's values within your design. The final design will have been changed, altered, and been redrawn many times (at no charge) soas to accomplish a warm family home uniquely yours.

My experience includes the entire process of building a home. This process starts with our design and progresses through a lot of stages and phases.

I can be your guide, accomplishing the build of a complex structure. Let me be your sound advice, you “Two Cents Worth”.

I can provide you with the services that will allow you to complete your project remotely. The computer opens the door to build remotely, by you, with me on site. Basically my “Boots will be on the ground” while you're on your computer.

Remodels are an opportunity for success. I enjoy using the given house as a starting point for a new beginning. Houses that are older, challenging or just weird have not been any problem. Instead they have been a springboard propelling the family to happier times.

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